Time: 3 Hours


If you’re starting on this path I’m assuming you’ve already covered the basics of DeFi development, you should now how the Ethereum blockchain works and know how to read solidity.

No worries you’re not at that point yet, this is a pretty good roadmap: https://github.com/OffcierCia/DeFi-Developer-Road-Map You can still follow along with this quest, but if you get stuck then it won’t hurt to circle back to the blockchain basics. This time is never wasted! The first element in “The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking” is Understand Deeply, which starts with the basics!The goal of this quest is to go out and get comfortable with DeFi, at the end you’ll realise how everything is a glued together mess of lego’s and you’ll start thinking about how people approach securing these integrations.


Ultimate list of Common DeFi Component Types



  • Find a DeFi protocol that integrates with another DeFi lego, find the code for the integration and make a list of the different security controls they’ve got in place to secure this integration.
  • (bonus) Do a write-up on integrating with that DeFi lego explaining what developers need to keep in mind, potentially reflecting on the previous exercise as a casestudy. Post it here in warez.

💡 Tip: Often protocols will document security considerations for downstream integrations!