I’ve been writing on the internet for a while now. Starting with a few individual pieces on medium, but quickly realising that I’d prefer posting on joranhonig.nl.

Things were great at the start, I’d written a few posts, and people were able to find the website. Even though organic traffic might have been higher on medium, it wasn’t to bad running my own blog.

However, after having written some posts I encountered an issue, the traditional blog format ( a stream of posts ), wasn’t really working for me. There is nothing wrong with the blog format, but I felt like it should be possible to do better.

So when I came across the concept of the digital garden, I became exited. This is the perfect format!

🌊 Stream vs Garden

The core idea is simple, instead of focusing on presenting pages based on the date they were written, this website will focus on structuring based on content.

Interestingly, the weblog format wasn’t how people used to structure their website. In fact, this garden style used to be more popular. I can recommend a deep dive into the history of digital gardens here

I might still be posting the original blog style content, which you’ll find in the blog directory!

🧑‍🌾 Gardening Techniques

I’ve chosen to copy this approach to digital gardening. At least, while I figure out what best suits my workflow.

It’s a simple and relatively unstructured way of structuring things. Each note will have tags attached to it:#seed,#sapling or#fruit. Corresponding to new, edited, and very refined notes.


Give this website a bookmark and come visit it once in a while to see if anything catches your interest!

Also, give me a follow on twitter at @JoranHonig to keep up to date!