The aeropress is a popular coffee brewing vessel that’s especially loved for it’s versatility.


flow control The flow filter is an alternative cap that you can put on the aeropress with two main effects:

  1. It makes non-inverted immersion brewing easier bc there is no flow without pressure from the plunger.
  2. It makes brewing & dispensing under slight pressure possible, amongst other things this leads to a crema.

metal filter The metal filter is a reusable filter for the aeropress. Aside from being reusable it lends characteristics of a french press to the coffee brewed with it, as fewer oils and fine coffee particles are strained by the filter as compared to paper filters.

People that like the full body of espresso’s, americano’s or french press coffee will likely appreciate this accessory.


These are my go to recipes with the aeropress.


  • coffee grounds
  • bloom for 30 seconds
  • top up water & steep for 60 seconds
  • stir 10 times
  • add filter & press

Aeropresso equipment: aeropress flow control, aeropress metal filter

  • 18 g grounds
  • near boiling water
  • non-inverted brew
  • add water (40 ml ish)
  • stir vigourously
  • add plunger
  • brew for 1 minute
  • press