A bunch of security researchers that I know do the most exciting work.

Unfortunately, they don’t show it to the world. They might share their cool projects with colleagues and friends, but it stops there. Overall, nobody gets to enjoy and benefit from their awesome findings.

Here is why they & you should be publishing your research:

πŸŽ“ Teach

Your research is invaluable to people that want to learn.

The work you did examining a protocol, building a tool, figuring out some magic moon math or the vulnerabilities you found. These things help both old and new people in the community improve their skills!

Sharing is caring πŸ™Œ.

πŸ”Ž Examine

Forcing yourself to serialise your research project into something easy to understand improves your own understanding.

This is a core principle of the Feynman Technique; Teaching others forces you to build a complete and thorough understanding of what you have been researching. It might even push you towards new findings you otherwise wouldn’t have considered.

Writing is a tool for thought that can help you understand your research better.


Doors will open to you if you share your work!

Collaborating with the most interesting people in the space, getting hired and paid well for security reviews, etc. These things become more likely when you put your research out into the world.

Sharing your work spins up a serendipity fly-wheel.