I’ve been writing notes for quite a while, both physical notes in a notebook, as well as digital notes in the various platforms such as notion, obsidian, bear, etc.

what is digital gardening

Digital gardeners focus on cultivating new ideas and maintaining evergreen posts.

my digital garden

The main driver for my own digital garden is obsidian, a mostly markdown based tool for note keeping with essential features such as backlinks.

daily notes

I’m using a plugin called Periodic Notes which helps automate setting up new notes for every day, week, month, year. Periodic notes also integrates with the calendar, making it easy to navigate to the notes for a specific day/week/ …

This is my daily note template

Transclude of daily-note


I’ve mirrored the system formulated in https://www.elasticdog.com/Digital-Garden

  1. #seed - Raw unrefined ideas and notes, could become something in the future.
  2. #sapling - Refined notes, useful, but β€œthis isn’t even their final form”.
  3. #fruit - The final stage of a note, the note is refined extensive and hopefully useful.

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